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Wallpaper padded leather design

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A beautiful design, creates easily a pleasant decoration on your walls. The high quality of photo wallpapers with lively colors refresh pleasantly the decoration of the room and change the mood.
If you desire the complete wallpaper in different dimensions, please Contact us.

Select sizes and banner.
Example: The dimension 260 x 270 consists of 4 banner.
1. Field Size select 260cm X 270cm
2. Field Banner No. Fill in four numbers you desire, for example 2,3,4,5, always as basis the photography with the 6 banners.

Dimensions Width X Height
1 Banner 65 cm X 270 cm
2 Banners 130 cm X 270 cm
3 Banners 195 cm X 270 cm
4 Banners 260 cm X 270 cm
5 Banners 325 cm X 270 cm
6 Banners 390 cm X 270 cm

Select dimension, kind of printing and attachment of Photo Wallpapers.
Select the dimensions according to wall where the wallpaper will be attached to. If the photo wall decal is bigger than your wall, you can easily cut it with a small blade.
The photo is divided into stripes of 65 cm width and 270 cm hight. According to the dimension of your wall, you select the amount of stripes you need. For more information about the dimensions please click on the second photo.
In order to avoid gaps between the stripes during attachment, every strip overlaps 1,5 cm on the right as well on the left side, This means, the motive which ends on the one stripe will be repeated on the second one (overlapping), so it is easy to attach the wallpaper without any gaps.
After attaching the first stripe, stick the second stripe 1,5 cm on the first strip and find the point of coincidence, so there is no risk of leaving gaps between the stripes. Continue doing this until you have finished attaching the photo wallpaper.

Dimensions of Photo Wallpaper.
The wallpaper are produced in stripes of 65cm x 270cm. The height of the wallpaper remains stable 270cm, the width of each strip increases by 65cm for each strip. Depending on the wall you will cover, please select how many stripes you will need . To see in detail, how the photo wall covering you choose is divided in stripes, please click on motive info, in order to be able to select the stripes you desire.

Colors of photo wallpaper on the screen.
Due to variations in the monitor settings, there may be variations in the appearance of the colors on your screen.

Fleece non-woven

  • Non-woven wallpaper for wall decoration with matt surfase.
  • Light surface structure.
  • Brilliant, photorealistic colors.
  • Lets the wall breathe, environmentally friendly.
  • Matt and white surface, flame retardant.
  • Contains no PVC plasticizers and solvents without heavy metal compound and formaldehyde.
  • The wallpaper is suitable for smooth and slightly rough walls.
  • For individual decoration for living space, children’s room, shopping mall, museum, booth construction, commercial building, hotel, restaurant.
  • For the gluing of the non-woven fleece wallpaper please use the suitable glue available in the retail trade.

Adhesive vinyl

  • High-quality materials of European standards.
  • Are manufactured from mat adhesive vinyl.
  • Brilliant colors of long resistance.
  • Easy to install and to remove.
  • Do not stick to the walls with moisture.
  • The wall should be free of dust, silicone, latex.
  • Not sticking to walls that are painted with silicone colors.
  • Recently painted walls should be at least 2 weeks to dry.
  • The Wallpapers are manufactured according to the features you choose.

Application Instructions for Photo Wallpapers

For the easy application of the Photo Wallpapers you can find detailed Application Instructions for adhesive photo wallpapers, wall stickers, for large wall stickers, for door stickers, for fridge stickers.

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